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- All I want Is to know your name And whisper it in your ear With your arms around my neck. You’ve haunted me in colors I’ve never seen I feel strange and unprotected, But I’m weightless like I’m falling on the moon. I’m falling slow for you… -
More Endymion Fell fanart! (Lyrics above from Ludo’s Manta Rays)

- All I want 
Is to know your name 
And whisper it in your ear 
With your arms around my neck. 
You’ve haunted me in colors 
I’ve never seen 
I feel strange and unprotected, 
But I’m weightless like I’m falling on the moon. 
I’m falling slow for you… -

More Endymion Fell fanart! (Lyrics above from Ludo’s Manta Rays)

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    One of the most beautifully written and romantic klaine stories I’ve ever read. I felt like it was me who fell.
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